Trimble R12i

Accurate, Reliable, Productive

A precise solution for repeatable results, real time error estimates in Trimble Access that empower the surveyor, and faster convergence means less time spent measuring points in the field.

Features :

  • Trimble ProPoint GNSS Technology Superior performance in degraded GNSS conditions, with groundbreaking signal management that leverages the latest developments in GNSS signals and Trimble receiver hardware
  • Trimble TIP Tilt Compensation TechnologyInertial Measurement Unit (IMU) based tilt compensation for accurate laying out and measuring points without precisely leveling the pole
  • Trimble CenterPoint RTX® Correction ServiceProvides RTK level precision worldwide without the need for a base station or VRS network
  • Trimble 360 Technology672 channels with support for all available and future GNSS signals, and improved protection from interference and spoofed signals
  • Trimble xFill® TechnologyKeeps you working in radio and cellular black spots with continuous RTK coverage
  • Augmented Reality ReadyBring geospatial data to life and visualize your 3D data in the real world with Trimble SiteVision on the Trimble TSC7 controller

Specification Trimble R12i

Trimble R9S

Scalable GNSS Modularity

The Trimble® R9s receiver is a GNSS receiver designed to provide Survey professionals with maximum features and flexibility. The Trimble technologies provided in the Trimble R9s receiver are a unique and comprehensive combination.


  • Advanced satellite tracking with Trimble 360 receiver technology
  • Convenient front panel display and configuration
  • Bluetooth®, Ethernet, serial and USB support
  • Data logging internally and to external drive
  • Multiple data file formats
  • Trimble CenterPoint RTX provides RTK level precision anywhere without the need for a base station or VRS network
  • Trimble xFill technology provides seamless RTK coverage during connection outages

Specification Trimble R9s

Trimble R2

Versatile, Fast to setup & Easy to use

Choose the accuracy and workflows to fit your application. Simple one button operation so you can focus on the job at hand.


  • Professional solution for survey-grade workflows
  • Submeter to centimeter level accuracies
  • Fast to setup, easy-to-use, keeping you productive and focused on your work
  • Supports multiple satellite constellations and correction sources for accurate data at any location
  • Trimble Maxwell 6 chip with 220 channels and leading GNSS technology maximizes data quality
  • Easily collect data by pairing with a Trimble handheld controller

Spesifikasi Trimble R2

Trimble R8S

Configured for today. Scalable for tomorrow

The new Trimble R8s GNSS receiver gives you just the features and benefits you need, in one flexible, scalable system. Simply choose the configuration level that suits your needs best, whether it’s post-processing, base, rover, or a combination of base and rover functionality


  • One configurable receiver that is scalable for future needs
  • Available in post-processing, base only, rover only, or base & rover configurations
  • Advanced satellite tracking with Trimble 360 receiver technology
  • Includes Trimble Maxwell 6 chips with 440 channels
  • Simple integration with Trimble S-Series Total Stations and the V10 Imaging Rover
  • Intuitive Trimble Access Field Software and Trimble Business Center Office Software
  • Trimble DL Android app for collecting static GNSS raw data for post-processing

Spesifikasi Trimble R8S

Trimble R8S LT

The Complete Solution
Create an industry-leading field solution by pairing the Trimble R8s LT GNSS receiver with a powerful Trimble controller loaded with our easy‑to-use Trimble Access field software.

Trimble Access field software offers the features and capabilities to simplify everyday work. Our streamlined workflow modules such as Roads, Monitoring, Mines, and Tunnels guide crews through common project types, enabling them to get the job done faster. Survey companies can also implement their unique workflows by taking advantage of the customization capabilities available in the Trimble Access Software Development Kit (SDK).

Once you’re back in the office, Trimble Business Center enables you to check, process and adjust your data with confidence. No matter what Trimble solution you use in the field, you can trust that Trimble Business Center office software will help you generate industry leading deliverables.


  • Dual frequency base and rover configuration
  • Advanced satellite tracking with Trimble 360 receiver technology
  • Includes Trimble Maxwell 6 chip with 220 channels
  • Simple integration with Trimble S-Series Total Stations
  • Intuitive Trimble Access Field Software and Trimble Business Center Office Software

Spesifikasi Trimble_R8s_LT

Trimble R10

Productivity Beyond GNSS

The next generation of GNSS Surveying, it encompasses powerful new technologies that go beyond comprehensive GNSS support enabling surveyors to collect more reliable data.


  • A cutting edge Trimble HD-GNSS processing engine
  • Trimble SurePoint™ for precise position capture, even with pole tilt off by 15° from plumb, and with 100% data traceability
  • Trimble 360 for advanced satellite tracking of existing and planned GNSS constellations and augmentation systems – 440 GNSS channels
  • Trimble CenterPoint™ RTX™ for RTK level precision anywhere without the need for base station or VRS network
  • Trimble xFill™ for RTK coverage even during connection outages
  • Trimble Access field software and Business Center office software and technologies
  • Pair with Trimble TSC3 or rugged Trimble Tablet controller for the most powerful solution on the market

Spesifikasi Trimble R10