Trimble Realtime Network Software

Trimble Real-Time Networks software solutions enable professionals to collect, manage and analyze complex information faster and easier, making them more productive, efficient and profitable.

Realtime Networks




Trimble VRS3Net App
Generates Network-modeled correction data for cm accurate real time positioning solutions in a dense network. An overview status information of all network processors is also available.




Trimble Dynamic Control App
Monitors and controls all receiver connections through multiple device managers. It also streams single station corrections to the end customer





Trimble Online Processing App
Enables automated online processing and delivery of field data




Trimble SparseVRS App
Generates Network-modeled correction data for sub-dm-level (4 inch) accurate positioning solutions in a sparse network.


Trimble Mobile Communication App
Builds the foundation for the communication with Pivot Mobile Apps and allows the configuration of information to be shown on supported mobile devices

Trimble Integrity Manager App
Provides real time and post processing engines to monitor GNSS reference stations

Timble Pivot RTX App
Performs absolute position integrity monitoring in real-time mode based on the RTX technology.

Trimble Pivot RTX-PP App
Performs absolute position integrity monitoring in post-processing mode based on the RTX technology




Trimble Rover Integrity App
Analyzes the performance of permanent rovers in a network based on incoming NMEA strings

Trimble Data Shop App
Includes the Reference Data Shop module which can be used to generate and download correction data for either a CORS or a VRS for a given period.


Mobile Apps


Trimble Pivot Admin
Powerful and easy to use GNSS data processing software for a seamless workflow between the GIS and the field

Trimble Pivot Field
Provides the field user various information on Atmosphere condition, satellite availability or subscription and session station


Trimble Accounting App
Provides relevant account information such as the number of registered users, contracts and subscriptions
Trimble iScope App
Provides an overview of iScope rovers presented on the iScope Map to allow the operator to administrate the connected rovers and to allow users to review survey sessions
Trimble NTRIP Caster App
Manages the administration of multiple NTRIP Casters. An overview of status information of so-called connected users to the Pivot platform is also available




Trimble Pivot Platform
A robust and scalable framework to deliver exceptional system performance, enable flexibility in configuration and reduce the cost of operations


Trimble Pivot Platform Core Apps
Core Apps that operates on the Trimble Pivot Platfom.


Trimble NetR9 Reference Station

A full-feature, top-of-the-line receiver with an industry-leading 440 channels for unrivaled GNSS multiple constellations tracking performance

  • Proven GNSS technology from Trimble
  • 440 channels for unparalleled GNSS multiple constellation tracking performance
  • Bluetooth, Ethernet, Serial and USB support
  • Large internal memory plus external USB device logging capacity
  • Convenient front panel display and configuration
  • Powerful built-in remote management tools
  • Rugged and field tested for even the harshest environmental conditions