The Trimble-branded geotechnical product line, powered by Worldsensing, provides a fully automated wireless monitoring solution that helps minimize field visits and increase on-site safety to obtain manual readouts. The automated measurements generate real-time notifications and automated reporting through the new  Trimble® 4D Control™ software (T4D) Geotechnical Edition software.

Enabling survey, geotechnical and structural engineers to seamlessly expand their monitoring business opportunities with a comprehensive system that incorporates geospatial and geotechnical data.

The Trimble geotechnical portfolio includes :

Wireless geotechnical sensors – Tiltmeter and laser-tilt sensors, providing tilt and distance measurement readings directly to the gateway Wireless data loggers – Vibrating wire, and digital and analog data loggers, supporting connections with a wide range of geotechnical digital and analog sensors communicating information to the gateway

Gateway – Rugged Long Range (LoRA) radio and 4G gateway, enabling communication with the wireless geotechnical sensors and data loggers to connect the project site with the office through a cellular or local network Configuration software – A mobile application for data logger configuration and a web user interface for network and device management connected to the office via T4D software Accessories – Installation accessories for a variety of mounting and configuration environments

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