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SuperGIS Mobile

Mobile GIS extends the traditional indoor GIS manipulation to the outdoor work and provides a mobile outdoor operation platform for field surveyors to collect, modify, and measure the spatial data in an easy and effective way. Supergeo uniquely offers complete GIS product selections to satisfy the field surveyors who have various needs and to assist them in diverse survey tasks.

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SuperGIS Desktop

Desktop GIS provides comprehensive and powerful GIS capabilities to assist you in performing advanced spatial analysis, spatial data creation, and visualize results on professional-quality maps. Supergeo offers professional GIS product selections to fulfill GIS experts' needs and help them to accomplish diverse GIS tasks.

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SuperGIS Server

Distribute maps, models, and tools via the Web in a way that fits well into your workflows. SuperGeo offers numerous Server GIS solutions to fulfill the demands of corporate Intranets and the needs of worldwide Internet access.

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