The Trimble Kestrel System provides the user with high rate GNSS and accelerometer data, full epoch-to-epoch measurement integrity and, using the Trimble SeismoGeodetic App, the ability to create a combined GNSS and accelerometer stream (200 sps high resolution displacement time series) in real-time.


The system has been designed and built using the latest technology and includes the following advanced features:


  • Combined true acceleration (200 sps) and displacement (10 sps) observations: GNSS displacement processing from on board receiver (Trimble® CenterPoint™ RTX™ technology)
  • Instantaneous processed displacements recorded and transmitted from the receiver
  • ANSS Class A: Force-Balance Accelerometer, triaxial (internal)
  • GNSS receiver with the latest Trimble-precise Maxwell™6 processor supporting tracking GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo frequencies
  • Unified recording format of both seismic and geodetic data
  • Low power
  • Rapid data transmission algorithm
  • Error-correction protocol with backfill algorithm for data integrity
  • τc and Pd calculation in real-time for EEW
  • Raw data post processing using:
  • Forward Kalman filter
  • Backward Kalman filter
  • Smoothing with forward-backward filter
  • User defined filter parameters
  • Different geodetic antenna options
  • Low maintenance
  • Data modules for high resolution acceleration and displacement data (10 or 200 sps) to real-time processing software: Earthworm and SeisComp3


Spesifikasi Teknis 

A cloud-based application designed for surveyors, engineers and scientists to perform campaign monitoring of data/time series without the need to integrate directly with onsite hardware and sensors


Many monitoring projects do not require continuous measurements. With Trimble 4D Lite, surveyors, engineers, scientists and others can visit projects periodically, collect data and display and analyze the data without the need for a complex real time monitoring system. T4D Lite is a cloud-based web application designed with the same advanced web interface and back-end stability that you have come to expect with Trimble 4D Control, with the advantage that this is available for the analysis of any form of data time series.


To sign up for T4D Lite, visit



  • Periodic monitoring of any data time series
  • User defined sensors and data
  • Advanced visualization and analysis tool
  • Easy access to the monitoring world


More Info

Combine GNSS and optical data on a single project with accurate measurement and detailed data analysis


A monitoring installation lets you detect displacement or movement in natural and manmade structures. It provides the data you need to understand the speed, direction and magnitude of any motion. The software is the core of your monitoring project. It controls the measurements, manages and analyzes the data, and provides decision support.

Getting started is easy with scalable monitoring solutions from Trimble. Trimble 4D Control provides analysis and management tools to help you start small and grow. As your expertise in monitoring increases, you can easily expand from postprocessed deformation monitoring campaigns all the way to real-time systems that manage your projects and alert the operator of significant motion events. 



  • Create comprehensive monitoring systems using GNSS receivers, optical total stations and geotechnical sensors
  • Enhance and customize your monitoring capability to address a wide range of applications
  • Measure, analyze, visualize and report on your monitoring projects
  • Manage your system and view results from remote locations


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